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Seven Sisters - Part 3: The Final Product

Seven Sisters - Part 3: The Final Product

Seven Sisters - Part 3: The Final Product

Locating a bag maker was a breeze, but conveying our vision to the manufacturer proved to be challenging. The exorbitant cost of creating a sample added to the stress, as we faced the possibility of paying a hefty sum for a product we might not even approve of. With this in mind, we knew we had to be discerning in our choices.

We conducted interviews with multiple manufacturers, shared detailed diagrams and product descriptions, and ultimately selected three suppliers to work with. Our decision-making process involved choosing the supplier who could produce the best sample based on the specifications and information provided. Each supplier was given the same guidelines, and it took approximately 30-45 days for them to complete their samples.

Approximately four weeks after selecting the manufacturers, we were thrilled to receive word that our first sample had been shipped. However, our excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we discovered that the product was much larger than expected, made of an alligator material we did not approve of, and unable to stand upright. This issue persisted with almost every prototype we received, leaving us feeling disheartened.

The second product we received had a wheel falling off, which was unexpected for a prototype. This led us to promptly end our relationship with that vendor. The third vendor provided a decent bag, but it did not meet our specifications. Despite this, we decided to collaborate with them to create another sample.

After another four weeks, we finally received an email with pictures of our new sample. The bag looked incredible and we were immediately enamored with it. We arranged for the shipment and were on the verge of placing an order, so confident were we in the quality of the bag. However, our hopes were dashed when the bag arrived at our doorstep a week later, wrapped in tape and completely ruined.

The devastation we felt was immense. If the supplier could mishandle the sample in such a way, we were left questioning how they would handle our first order. Therefore, we ended that relationship too.

Have you ever felt like giving up on a project because it seemed like all your hard work was for nothing? That's exactly how we felt when we hit a roadblock with our bag manufacturing process. We had already poured so much time and energy into creating the perfect bag, only to be met with disappointment.

But instead of throwing in the towel, we decided to go back to the drawing board. We reached out to a new manufacturer, sending them the picture and specs of the bag we had made with sample 3. They came back with some helpful recommendations on how to improve the design and keep the bag upright.

Within just a couple of weeks, the bag was finished and on its way. Within a week, the bag arrived at our doorstep. Upon unboxing, we were delighted to find that the bag was even more stunning than before, with only a minor flaw. We promptly informed the manufacturer of the issue and confirmed our order for 200 units. All our major issues were over, so we thought. Little did we know our biggest issue would be with a trillion-dollar company, they call Amazon.

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