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Seven Sisters - Part 2: The Decision

Seven Sisters - Part 2: The Decision

Seven Sisters - Part 2: The Decision

When starting a business, it is crucial to focus on the person you want to serve rather than just the product. You need to begin by identifying your ideal customer or persona that you aim to assist. As I reflected on who I wanted to help, our family was juggling numerous commitments such as High School Softball season, travel softball, household preparations for spring and summer, chauffeuring the younger ones to softball practices, supporting Ashley in her play rehearsals, and navigating teenage drama. As I observed Jess effortlessly managing everything, I couldn't help but think, "She's incredible. How does she do it all?" It became clear to me that I needed to support Jess. Thus, the idea to create a company catering to busy women, particularly moms, was born.

The next step in our journey was identifying the problem we aimed to address. Jess has always been a collector of bags, with a storage container filled to the brim with various styles and sizes. I vividly recall the day we moved in together and I was astonished by the sheer number of bags she owned. It made me question, who truly needs this many bags? As we brainstormed potential product ideas, it became evident that a bag was a necessity for an ideal customer, which was someone like Jess. An on-the-go mom! However, the realization struck me that many of her bags remained unused, hidden away in storage. This realization sparked the initial idea that eventually blossomed into a solution. If we created a bag it would have to be functional, durable and stylish!

As we brainstormed and organized various ideas, one concept kept rising to the top: a versatile bag for everyday use. Whether it be for shopping, trips to the mall, outings to the field, or vacations, this bag would be our go-to accessory. The idea of the bag quickly became our focus, and we were determined to create a product that would be used regularly, rather than just sitting in storage. Thus, the concept for the Rolling Tote was born. Little did we anticipate that choosing a product would be the easy part, as the process of actually bringing it to life proved to be much more challenging.

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